Treasure Coast Capital Partners (TCCP) is a boutique M&A and Strategic Consulting firm located out of the Palm Beach area of Florida, serving clients across the United States and Internationally. Our team has the business and professional experience to represent clients in various industries and transactions including: Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Sourcing Strategic Partners, International Trade and Raising Capital.

Clients put their trust in TCCP's team to give experienced strategic consulting advice, arrive at appropriate valuations, actively manage the project, approach specific target acquisitions and most importantly - Preserve Confidentiality.

TCCP takes pride in our ability to conduct the total requirements with complete confidentiality and works on a "Success Fee" only. No retainers or payment advances are necessary since we are compensated only when we successfully complete our assignment. Working on this Success Fee structure, TCCP has closed over $500 million in deals in just the first five years of operation.

The service we give to our clients in unsurpassed. Our firm is founded on the principals of delivering innovative solutions, exceeding expectations and providing the highest quality service. We conduct our business with integrity and fairness, which is the backbone of our culture and tradition.

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